Heart Palpitations…Warning Signs

Two weeks ago I had heart palpitations. Not just any heart palpitations — these were scary and they lasted a long time. For years I had been grinding my ass off to reach my milestones, but the harder I worked, the further I was getting. So I had to keep hustling hard and I did so by any means necessary. This entailed lots of sleepless nights, obscene hours of work, workouts nearly every single day, and all of this on top of school. I did this for nearly 10 years; but even before that when I was a lazy person, went on self-destructive paths because I was depressed and lost vision

I drank countless cans of red bull or monster energy when I was 17 well into my late twenties. For a whole year straight, from 18 to 19, I drank a minimum of 3 red bulls a day. Because of this, every few months I would get extreme vertigo because I hardly ever ate food on top of them. Later on, at my lowest point, I drank 3 energy drinks AND a maximum of 10 cups of coffee in a single day?

I won’t get into specifics but there were a few key variables that led me to this point. I mentioned before that I used to be lazy. Part of this had to do with being depressed, and another had to do with having extreme fatigue and daytime sleepiness. Another key component was the irregularity of my body on a metabolic and circadian level. When I was younger, my brother and I used to starve during the afternoons because we ate huge meals at dinner time. Lunch was insufficient to stave our hunger till dinner. I believe this caused huge spikes in insulin because at dinner time we would gorge.

This created issues with food patterns where if I was hungry I was unable to stop from overeating. Despite being skinny for most of my life, I had issues with constant fatigue and daytime sleepiness as a result of these metabolic irregularities. And they only got worse as an adult when I introduced caffeine into my diet. Perhaps it was also triggered when I stopped sleeping at set intervals and started sleeping from as late as daybreak to evening? In any case, these components were crucial in causing me to rely on caffeine to function as a high performing individual.

There were only a few times in my life where I had an abundance of energy, or more than normal, but these periods only lasted for a few months to a year at max. All of these periods had commonalities. In all of these periods, I had at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep, I woke up and went to bed at the same time, and I had lower quantities of caffeine. In fact, the best year of my life in terms of vitality was when I completely gave up coffee and all soda beverages for good.

It all went downhill however when I relapsed back into the cycle of energy drinks and trying to do too much. I was diagnosed with extreme ADD when I was 6 years old. Because of this, and on top of depression, I had huge ambitions but always felt so weak and powerless to achieve them, especially when I was tired every single day. I would doze off constantly, even if my sleeping patterns were good. It took me willpower to finally break free of attention difficulties, and I used caffeine as a boost. I later relied on caffeine as a mental crutch to increase my workload. The more I increased my output, the more I relied on caffeine to take me to the next level. It was a symbiotic relationship.

In order to combat ADD, I over-exerted myself through sheer willpower to stay on a task and complete it. I had extreme ADD to where if I was reading about something, my mind would dart to other topics and I would lose focus. I had to exert willpower and mental stress in order to ace tests, complete homework, or read books. This constant mental exertion would leave me exhausted. As a result, I adopted a mental framework to complete my tasks by any means necessary. I was always in a constant state of tension; my mindset was “by any means necessary.” If it took me 6 monster energy drinks to annihilate my goals, I did so.

This later caused me to rely on energy drinks as a crutch to get anything done. This would lead to drinking more and more energy drinks or coffee because my body was getting immune. This caused my body to deteriorate quicker than normal and at age 26, overnight, my body collapsed. One day I was completely fine, operating at a high level with large consumption of energy drinks, but only hours later my body became massively fatigued. At that point no amount of energy drinks would amp me up (no pun), and I had to go on weeks of hibernation to recuperate from the years of deficits I had placed on my body. For years I had used energy drinks as a meal replacement for when I had no time to eat and low sleep days, and it had finally caught up to me nearly a decade later.

Around fall of 2016, I introduced nootropics into my diet. The main nootropic was provigil. I was first introduced to the idea of using this drug, or better known as modafinil, by watching a documentary on Vice about people who used it to multiply their output and results. I had looked at interviews with Dave Asprey, the founder of bulletproof coffee, where he also talks about results while on this compound. In all of these videos, 80% of the users had boosted their performance using the power of nootropics and modafinil. The problem was I had no health insurance, and the only other alternative was using the web to purchase it; and I was worried about choosing the alternative. After months of researching and finding a marketplace, I finally pull the trigger. Right before the bitcoin boom of 2017, I purchased the compound.

It took about 15 days to arrive and it was time to pull the trigger. I took one half tablet to start and I wait. I had read over reddit that first time users might not feel anything for the first few hours. They had theorized that it might be due to the body processing the pill for the first time. Whether it was true or not, I couldn’t say for sure, but in my case it was true. I wait about 1 hour for something to happen but nothing felt out of the ordinary so I decided to test it out by doing some homework that was due for college. Before I knew it, 5 hours had passed and I had stayed focus on my homework and studying and it felt like 30 minutes. Because it was my first time, the compound reacted strongly.

During that time period, I had a packed schedule so I rapidly began to abuse the provigil. My body had become more immune to it that the efficacy of each pill started to lower. It was still a powerful compound on its own but my own health patterns along with the side effects of provigil caused me to take more in order to do more. I had also started increasing my work output that I soon developed a mental addiction to Modafinil and coffee.I had begun taking 2 provigils a day. Sporadically I went up to 4 within 74 hours. At the same time I drank copious amounts of coffee – about 5 to 10 cups plus a few energy drinks. That caused my central nervous system to fry and there would be days where I would have rapid heart palpitations or irregular sleep patterns. This took a toll on my body despite achieving massive amounts of gains everywhere. I would workout, go to my job, weightlift constantly, and work on my side hustles.

After a few years of this, I noticed that my energy levels were constantly down. In order to perform, I would have to take at least one modafinil a day because my CNS was fried. Modafinil would keep me feeling normal but at the same time every part of my body ached due to the enormous strain I continued to put on it like working out. On top of working and side venturing, I would still do my workouts which consisted of high weights with high reps, while functioning on low amount of sleep and calories. In order to take care of myself, I scaled down my modafinil intake to 1 and my caffeine intake to just 3 cups of coffee a day. Eventually, I got my diet and sleep patterns better too. However the damage was already done.

At 30 years old, the age I am now, I had a major heart palpitation. At this time my diet was decent and I had enough calories to sustain myself; I also slept between 6 to 8 hours a day. However there would still be days where I would hustle and stay awake. On this particular day I had been up for 24 hours, drank 8 to 10 cups of coffee and 1 modafinil. I had been working non-stop despite my body telling me at certain points to sleep, but I continued to push. After I had my second or third wind, my body started to pump. Where my heart was, and directly below it to the stomach and solar plexus area, it felt as if my heart was pumping out of my chest. When I placed my hand over it, I felt deep vibrations. This lasted for about 6 hours and it was eye opening. I hadn’t checked what it was due to having no health insurance, but I knew it was a sign that something bad was about to happen whether in a few days or weeks.

For years, I deluded myself into thinking that I was young enough to handle everything. Instead of managing time, I squeezed every task within the 16 hours I had in a day. If someone had asked something from me, I most likely always said yes which meant that I had to increase my output. A few years ago I had made the decision that I was going to become successful at everything within a few years. I was going to drink as much caffeine possible in order to do so. I was going to take anything and everything in order to scale my output. This caused my body to age quicker than normal and caused me to fatigue. It also made me into a nasty person as I was constantly sleep deprived and nutrient deficient. I was always hangry and on the verge of crashing. It was a miracle that I never got into a single car accident during those years. The culmination of those years resulted in anxiety, potential heart failure, and constant fatigue.

After the heart scare I decided to become proactive about my health and introduced two new supplements to my diet: Hawthorn Berry and CoQ10 which I purchased from Amazon. From what I’ve read these two are dynamite for promoting heart health and blood flow and I can definitely feel the difference when taking them. The first time I took them it felt like all of the oxygen was going to my brain. I also felt like I had more energy and was able to do way more push ups than normal without difficulty. The first time I took them, I did 50 push ups in a row no problem after a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu class. Also, it seemed like I had more energy every day. Previously I had trouble with energy even though I had a full 8 hours of sleep. On this, I can have 4 hours of sleep and still have a bunch of energy.

This isn’t the complete fix that I needed however. Years of grinding and facing psychological trauma from the past, I have had some form of PTSD that remains undiagnosed. Luckily a friend was able to let me try a compound that definitely helped me. In another blog post I will talk about what I’m doing to solve my chronic anxiety problem, an issue I’ve been struggling for decades with. It was quite debilitating. Stay posted, a new experiment is underway!

The intention of this blog post wasn’t to shill, but merely to relay my experiences with health and life-hacking to you. Therein lies the delicate balance between the two. I will continue to use these two supplements and report how they work, but I feel like in my case they do. I’ve been getting more blood flow to the brain and been feeling a lot healthier than I’ve been in years. Do not use my experiences as factual, but please do try this on your own after reading up on them.

If you would like to support my blog and get access to more experiments in bio and money hacking, please support me by purchasing these heart supplements from my Ebay referral link. If you need to purchase these using cryptocurrency, let me know via email at info@dividendhack.com and I’ll send it to you. We are currently working on our web store. We keep zero logs.

Take counsel from doctors before using these particular products. Do your own research (DYOR) and man up. I am not a health professional, just a DYI hobbyist. Do whatever it takes.

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