The Law Of One

There are a whole bunch of gimmicks out there that sell us on systems for business and personal productivity. And it’s true some of them work. But it’s hard to disseminate which is genuine and which are lies in the sense of purpose. What is the motivation behind the system? What is the author trying to sell us on?

There are systems out there that try to perpetrate the power of “Three” or “Law of Three”. In a nut shell what it is, is being able to work on 3 things simultaneously to compound the effects of money in the quickest way possible. I’m not sure if this system is out there, but it was brought to my attention from a personal friend of mine, and it worked out for him. He was able to retire before the age of 30. For example, the power of three is in effect when one works 3 different jobs simultaneously and is able to live frugally and invest most of that money on himself or in the markets. By doing this at an early age my friend was able to buy his first house a few years after college and invest in the stock market simultaneously.

The cons of this method is that it requires extreme dedication and meticulous timing on scheduling. Some of us have problems psychologically, such as ADHD or ADD or are undergoing depression, so this may not be feasible. The other problem is that not all of us are type As, and we might be more creative in nature. Creative people tend to be more messy and have difficulties with managing time. It’s true that discipline = freedom, but the power of 3 off the gate might be counterproductive when it comes to focus and learning the time management skills that all successful people have. Another problem with this method is it requires people to not have a life other than working, which is perfect for young people like my friend. He had no other responsibilities such as having a kid, a girlfriend, or even a dog and so he was able to utilize his youth and youthful vitality towards business and personal productivity.

10x Method is another white labeled system built by Grant Cardone that is more of a mindset system rather than a technical system. This method in a nutshell is about 10xing your efforts, goals, commitment, and etc. to 10x your health, wealth, happiness, income, production, and etc. All of this is more of a mental panacea and stimulus to induce people to go out there and 10x their standards and current goals and to be something great.

The problems with the 10x method is that it is disingenuous. It is more of a ploy to sell people on the panacea and to get seats in the “10x Growthcon” conference. Obviously the system works but it is more of a mindset thing rather than a technical approach. Yes all of the systems, including the rule of 3, is a psychological method at the core. But the 10x method is obviously something that is not scalable for the average person who wants to develop his or her foundations.

67 steps by Tai Lopez is obviously very similar in its approach to personal development like “The 48 Laws of Power” by Robert Greene and the amended “50th Law” co-wrote with 50 cent. Obviously there is no other utilitarian benefit other than having a mental stimulus and/or panacea for their current status quo and mode.

Let me try and repackage a system for you. “The Law Of One”. Focusing on one person, thing, endeavor, and everything at one place and all at once at any given time. This is a rule that I also learned in sales, which I ended up beginning to incorporate in everything in life. On a sales standpoint, it means focusing on one person at one place at any given time period and moving on quick as soon as I receive a solid no; or “3 no’s and a go”. What this serves is that it streamlines my productivity. I don’t focus on the quantity, I simply focus on any one thing at that one time block, and at one place. For example, if I were to do door to door sales, I’m not going to keep moving locations because I’m not getting results for a long time. I’m going to keep door knocking in the same location because I end up reaching more doors and having more opportunities to close than the guy who keeps switching locations. On a personal development standpoint, it means focusing on one task at any one time and making sure it gets done, even if you do not finish any of the other tasks that have to be completed that day. Obviously, if we are working for a company and have daily goals that need to be met, we would need to focus on that goal for that time block and complete it. It just means having a one track mind and never straying from that path. This is why when we are entrepreneurs, since we are in charge of our own time blocks, it is so easy to stray from getting daily goals met.

The cons of the Law Of One is that it can sometimes enable people to get away with not finishing their daily goals. They become content at having completed one of the items in full, that they sometimes blow their load for the day and are exhausted. For entrepreneurs starting out, the key is in not having a self-chastising approach to failure. The key is in focusing on the time block and ensuring full completion and eventually getting good at that one thing that it becomes second nature. It means being able to positively reinforce good behavior and not punishing ourselves when we fail at the other tasks that had to be done.

The Law Of One is great for developing foundational skills and developing time management because it requires that one self-reflect on their requirements. “What is the limit that my body and mind can take?” If I already know that I have energy issues, I work on being able to focus on a few things and master them rather than too much. I also focus on increasing my capabilities by 20% on the micro-short term. This is Pareto Law (80/20) in effect. For example, if I know that my limit for pushups physically and mentally is 30 quality push ups in a row, I want to increase my reps by 20% for that one day only (till the next workout day). Then I know that after that workout, I will take a few days off to recuperate and I try to scale it and compound my efforts on my next workout day. I don’t want to be a gym rat because its not scalable positively or physically and it is counterproductive for my goals and mental well being (I become an asshole). When I focus on quality and recuperation on top of increasing my limit by 20% on the days I do workout, my gains are infinitely better over the short and long term anyway. 80% of our gains come from 20% of work, and we compound that by 20% each workout period.

“What do we need to work on today to develop our business or personal skills?” Chances are if we spread ourselves too thin with having too much stuff in one day to do, we won’t get anything done and it will be counterproductive to our goals. If we spread ourselves too thin, and we know we cannot handle any more, what tends to happen is that we become Jacks/Janes of All Trades, and master of none. Or what can also happen is we master the advanced concepts first before we master the basics and it stymies our growth in the short term AND long term for much longer than we want it to. The key is in being able to focus on one career path, personal path, and etc. for one period of time (short term, medium term, longterm, and lifetime) and sticking to our guns until we meet our objectives.

If we enter in a new career path, we have to self-reflect and find out what we need to achieve to get to the next level on a fundamental standpoint: the basics. If I just got into real estate, I have to be able to master one niche, neighborhood, type of customer (buyer, seller, renter, commercial) and then find out what I need to learn and master first before going to the next step. If we focus on all of the stuff we need to learn, we won’t make much progress and our motivation might flush right down the toilet.


No, I’m never going to be selling this system. I hope this “Rule Of One” helps you and unravels your path straighter than mine. There are two paths to take in life in my opinion:

1) “The School of Hard Knocks” which entails lots of mistakes and costly time & money consumption;

2) Having a mentor and seeking to self-replicate what they do. Follow one system and follow it to a T. Don’t look at 5 other business books with different approaches when you are trying to build your foundation.

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