The Dividend Vortex

What if the Matrix truly exists? If you have seen the movie, this post is for you as there will be no backstory to explain what it is. If you haven’t already seen it, I suggest you watch it and then come back to this post.

The movie was an allusion to everyday life. We are the Neo’s waking up each day to the same blissful routine; we are content, happy with where we are at, and don’t want to change this reality. Some of us were not so lucky. There are those of us who were born to a world that only brought pain, losses, and difficulties. Seeking the blissful world of the matrix was the utopia they had envisioned, but attaining it was the most challenging part. There were always Mr Anderson’s to uphold the status quo and stymie the voices of those who challenged it.

What if education was the same exact way? In the United States, and surely in other parts of the world, education is the blue pill of society. Being a worker bee with the programming of having one role in society is the acclaimed prototype of a contributing citizen. Meanwhile, worker bees that have deprogrammed themselves not to listen to a central figure: the mother bee, synonymous of the status quo, are quickly removed from the system. The Anderson’s try to remove contrarian beliefs because it goes against the traditional views of getting a job; which entails paying FICA taxes, withholding money for pension funds, and other taxes that directly prosper government spending or power.

In my point of view, being an older Millennial, I recall never being taught life skills that mattered in high school; Skills such as debt management, saving to invest, risk to reward, stock picking, personal finance, entrepreneurship, leadership, soft skills, hard skills, communication. In fact being able to learn life skills is what had me going back to college to get an undergraduate degree which I later found bittersweet: armed with the license to hold corporate jobs that paid incrementally more money at a faster rate, but also with the burden of paying off the debt. This perpetual cycle to work more for longer to pay down debts is the status quo that Mr Anderson (or rather Uncle Sam) wants us to have.

The real world, the red pill, is truth. It’s knowing that one might have to be stuck in a job for their whole lives because that was the shit hand they were dealt with. The other, is learning to rise against like Morpheus to constantly chip away at the status quo to be free: to learn the skills that actually matter, which we were never taught. The realization that sometimes leverage is bad with users who cannot utilize it properly, conversely that sometimes debt is good if it entails high risk to reward. Sometimes it is arbitrary.

I want you to look at my life, a boeing 747 lost in the bermuda triangle, as a process. Will I hack the code that cracks dividends? Or will I forever be lost in the maze of life, with no hope of returning – radio silence. Welcome to the Dividend Vortex.

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